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ItyDity’s Song Blueprint™ Solves One of Music Producers Biggest Problems

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

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One of the things producers spend the most time and energy on - and what often has the most potential for frustration and burnout - is figuring out the direction an artist wants to go when they are not clear themselves. It often starts with a long conversation and is followed by lots of experimenting -- which means a lot of time.

When an artist is confident with a clear idea of who they are and what they like/dislike, it takes significantly less time to produce/record their song AND the end product is almost always better.

But even confident, fleshed-out artists can come to a song not knowing exactly where they want to go and there is still significant work to be done exploring options.

A music producer might have the expertise and experience to guide the process and make choices for the artist -- and many times they trust their intuition and it works.

But that still involves a lot of experimenting (time) and guess work (brainpower). If the producer guesses wrong, there is often a long road of reworking and frustration - even complete stalling out. If a producer loses a client's interest at any point in the process, it's often very hard to get things rolling again.

How to avoid the long road of reworking and frustration

ItyDity’s Song Blueprint™ is a first-of-its-kind report that provides clear direction for artists and producers.

The Song Blueprint takes three of the artist’s reference songs, runs those songs through a database, and uses a proprietary algorithm to create a fully personalized report of the artist's preferences.

This report is not an imposed music solution nor a concrete formula -- instead it provides a detailed and interactive framework for a highly productive artist-producer conversation.

The report breaks down specific instrumentation, moods, and production techniques that the artist favors. It provides audio samples so that the artist can develop a higher level of production literacy. With this new found vocabulary, the resulting collaborative process requires less trial-and-error and more time for creative output.

Producers around the world are using The Song Blueprint to save time and frustration -- and improve their initial conversations with their clients.

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