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Grad Program: Find Your Sound Accelerator (FYSA)

Grad Program: Find Your Sound Accelerator (FYSA)


A 6-week program led by Emily & Jonah with group and 1-on-1 sessions for graduates of Find Your Sound Accelerator


The FYSA Grad Program will include...
Refine Your Artist Sound...


  • Deeper look into genres, and the sounds/style used in each genre
  • Deeper look into era/movements across time, and the sounds/style used during each era
  • Modern sounds vs. retro sounds
  • Digging deeper into your sound & target audience so you can organically attract them through posting
  • Vocal Production and harmonies 
  • Production/mixing Q&A


Grow Your Artist Brand...


  • Creating & refining an overarching social media strategy
  • Social Media Reels Strategy (1-on-1 brainstorm sessions)
  • Establishing a better system for creating content, filing it, posting it
  • Precise Goal Setting, Task and Time Management (Designing your life)
  • Accountability!!
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