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Hello, I'm looking to have my new song "Gold" produced. The style that I'm going for is chill pop. I'd like elements added to give it a pop feel and would consider special effects such as slight auto tune on the rap/sing part on the bridge. I would also like it to build through the song. Please listen to the above demo - it is a version I created in Garageband, where I added some elements to give you a better idea of the direction I'm trying to go with this song. Also, I am certainly open to speeding up tempo a bit.


I really like the general feel of this song. I like how it starts out simple with just piano and builds through the song. I love the strings and all the instruments added. In fact, some other Sabrina Carpenter songs I like and think would be great inspirations for this song are "Smoke and Fire", "On Purpose" and "All We Have Is Love". 

It's not a heavy piano song like mine, but I like the overall feel of the song. I love how his vocals are showcased in this song and I really like the drum beat in this song. The vocal echoes are beautiful in this song and I also really like the strings. I noticed that it is simple in the verses and then builds in the chorus. It also drops down in the beginning in some of the choruses.


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