Indie Artist Seeks Natural, Upbeat Production For New Song

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One Kiss More - Demo no longer available - Project completeBella Musser


What I'm looking for on this song is a clean, acoustic production. I can maybe hear some "big band" sounds (trumpet/sax, etc.) nestled somewhere, but for the most part, keep it simple & uplifting! Nothing to distract from the melody line/lyrics. It should feel natural & authentic. Aside from the two reference songs below, here's a third reference track: "My Moon My Man" -


I like how this track has a relatively simple feel but is still fueled by a strong drum line - Could be something to explore with "One Kiss More," especially to establish a strong chorus. It definitely has the peppy/upbeat feel I'm going for.

I love love the instrumentation on this track! It feels very natural and relatively unique as well. I really like how the verses stay simple to highlight the vocals, and the chorus builds. It's a bit busy for my liking, but in general is a good reference track.