Dedicated Song-Success Manager


Prioritized support, your own Dedicated Song-Success Manager 

Dedicated communication and support

Pro feedback on producer sketches

Added expert help with getting your song just right

Each and every production package already comes with a Pre-Production Assistant that provides up to 1-3 hours of support and communication (STEP ONE Production includes 1 hour and STEP TWO Production includes an additional 2 hours).  Some songwriters like extra-extra support from the ItyDity team of experts.  That's what a Song-Success Manager is for.

Here's everything included in

your Song Success Manager Add-On

what you get:

Total reports

Dedication communication available by phone or email (up to 20 hours)

You could have questions pop up along the way that go beyond the included 3 hours of support and communication.  You may just like extra general advice and support.  That's what a Song-Success Manager is for.

Pro feedback on producer requests and sketches

During the process of working with producers on ItyDity, you'll be getting messages, feedback, and sketches of your song. Sometimes you might want EXTRA help deciding which producers and which sketches are the best.  That's what a Song-Success Manager is for.

An expert to help guide the creative direction and vision for your song

As you move along the process of producing your song, you may need consistent advice as to how to continue to make the song its best.  That's what a Song-Success Manager is for.

Relay messages and requests to your producer on your behals

Included in all production packages is access to our unique Collaboration Portal which make communicating with producers easy.  But sometimes you need extra help expressing exactly what you want or you're not sure exactly how to ask for something. ​ That's what a Song-Success Manager is for.

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