We  refuse to believe  that getting your songs produced has to be so impossibly difficult.

You have a song. You need a producer who cares about it just as much as you do.

You need a producer who you click with, who you can trust, and who can help nurture your vision.

And that's where we come in.


ItyDity is designed to allow any artist, singer or songwriter from any background and with any level of experience to have a professional producer take their raw material or demo and create a radio-ready, professional recording, while maintaining ownership of the music and the recording in perpetuity.  From artists who are already touring to young dreamers with a guitar in their bedrooms, ItyDity will help them all to fully realize their musical vision, without judgement.  At ItyDity our mission is to make you the best recording artist you can be now and then to help you use your finished, market-ready song to take the next step, whether it be pitching to blogs, playlists and film/tv licensing opportunities or just playing your song for your friends and family.  As a final step, our Ingenious Music Licensing library will give you the option to have your songs catalogued and heard by film music supervisors, agents, artist managers, and independent contact creators.  ItyDity’s mission is to make your vision into a kick ass song, professionally produced just as you imagined it.



We care deeply about fostering safe & supportive relationships between songwriters, artists & producers. It's why we created the company. Click below to view our FREE 'Deep Dive' PDF to learn how we work to promote quality & equality so that you can thrive.

Emily Satterlee, CEO and  Jonah Brockman, COO




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