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What is ItyDity?

ItyDity is the premiere online marketplace for music production. We walk songwriters through a patented process to hone their artist identity and then match them with multple music producers at once, giving artists the ability to actually hear multiple production concepts for their song, before choosing their favorite. This process will help artists to make their music sound as professional and radio ready as possible, while protecting them with strict code of conduct regulations surrounding their safety and security, as well as the protection of their intellectual property while at the same time giving producers genuine opportunities to work with up-and-coming talent and build up a clientele base.

What are Projects?

On ItyDity, artists can launch Song Production Projects to find the best producer for their song. Once an artist launches their project, a select number of producers submit proposals by downloading the tracks for an artist's song and crafting rough demos/sketches of their ideas to showcase how they would each propose to produce the song. This way, artists can get a good idea of how a full collaborative project would likely sound before selecting a final producer for the work. The final producer is given the $600 payout and the artist retains full copyright of the song.

What is meant by Producer?

A producer is someone who can take as little as your vocal melody, your lyrics, your piano or guitar chords, and other musical ideas for your song and turn them into a radio ready song. A producer will listen to your musical references and read your description for how you'd like your song to sound and then custom create a fuller, more professional sounding version of your song using and adding the same types of elements and instrumentation you requested, while contributing their own unique flair and ideas.

What are Project "Rounds" and how do they work?

Projects take place in 3 rounds - On ItyDity, Projects occur in 3 rounds: The Written Request Round, The Submission Round, and The Final Producer Round. Learn about rounds in 30 seconds here.

Do Artists keep their copyright ownership of the song? What about master ownership?

Yes, definately! One of the major benefits of collaborating through ItyDity is that we guarantee the legal validity of our Terms of Use that act like a Work Made For Hire contract ensuring that producers will not own any copyrights nor master ownership to an artist's song after they have been paid for their work. Likewise ItyDity will not own any copyrights nor master ownership to your material. And it is simply by using this website that all users are protected by these Terms of Use. Simply put, you will always own 100% of the copyright and master ownership of your song. Note: There are royalty splits. Your final selected producer and ItyDity will each recieve a 5% sound recording royalty from revenue that the song generates, as outlined in our Terms & Agreements. What is the Difference between a copyright and a royalty? Copyright means ownership and control of the piece of music, as recorded. It confers on you, the right to decide whether it be distributed on spotify, or included in a movie or TV commercial. Royalties means the money generated by the song in certain ways…usually from digital downloads, streaming the song, or having it played on the radio. Just because a producer and ItyDity is entitled to a share of the royalties from a song, does not mean they own any of the copyright for that same song nor have any right to make decisions about the song. It is typical that an artist may offer a small share of their sound recording royalty with their producer, production company, and/or labels/reps/A&R. Note: A traditional record company deal would often force an artist to give up ownership and/or control of their own song, plus take a much larger share of royalties - for providing many similar services that ItyDity does - artist development, producer matchmaking, quality oversight, legal security, ect. ItyDity does not do this. We ensure artists keep full ownership of their work and ensure low, but fair royalty split percentages. And we make it all hassle free for the artist, taking care of the legal contracts via our built in terms of use.

Does it cost money to join?

Artists can get started for absoultely FREE and Producers can create a profile and participate in projects for absolutely free. It is only if an Artist chooses to advance their project into Round 2 that they'll need to pay ($849 per song). Also, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. For full details see our pricing page here.