What are Contests and how do they work?

Contests are essentially classified ads for artists who are looking for a producer to produce one of their songs. Contests occur in 2 phases. In phase 1, the artist records and posts a demo of their song along with an in depth description of their vision for the song, musical references, relevant stem tracks, and how much they are willing to pay. Then any producer who is interested in producing the song can upload a Rough Draft Proposal to showcase exactly what they would bring to the table. The artist listens to each proposal and then picks their favorite at which point the Contests enters into phase 2, where the artist continues to work closely with the chosen producer, completing the song to perfection.

What is meant by Producer


A producer is someone who can take as little as your vocal melody, your lyrics, your piano or guitar chords, and other musical ideas for your song and turn them into a radio ready song. A producer will listen to your musical references and read your description for how you'd like your song to sound and then custom create your song using the same types of elements and instruments, while contributing their own unique flair. 

What is meant by a Rough Draft Proposal?


For both artists and producers, it is often hard to tell before entering into a collaborative project whether or not each will be well suited for the other. Rough Draft Proposals are an efficient method that producers can use to give artists a good idea of which elements and effects they would bring to their songs. This provides a chance for producers to show off their skills and creativity and a chance for artists to get a feel for what a full collaborative project with a particular producer would sound like. And Rough Draft Proposals could come in many forms. One proposal may consist of just a portion of the song, such as the chorus, giving the artist a preview of which direction a producer would plan to take the song as a whole -  while another proposal could be a more detailed overview of a proposed composition for the entire song. It's really just up to the producer to decide how much time they feel is necessary to spend on a specific proposal in order to give the artist enough insight into their style, ingenuity, and skill sets.

What is the Invite To Work feature used for?

There are a couple of uses for the Invite To Work feature on producer profiles:

1. If an artist sees a producer on itydity whom they think would be a good fit for their song, they can use the Invite To Work feature to invite that producer to submit a Rough Draft Proposal to their Contest.


2. Sometimes when browsing through producer profiles on itydity, an artist may come across a specific producer that they instantly know would be the perfect fit for their song. In this scenario, the artist may want to skip the process of posting a Contest altogether and instead directly approach that producer to work one-on-one with them on their song. This can be done also by using the Invite To Work feature to send that producer a message to get a quote.


I've posted a Live Project, chosen my favorite proposal, and worked closely with that producer to complete my song to perfection. I loved the results so much that I'd like to skip the process of posting a Live Project for my next song and work directly with that producer again. Can I do that?


Of course! In fact this is one of the main missions of itydity, that Contests will serve as a test run of sorts to facilitate long lasting musical partnerships. The process of receiving Rough Draft Proposals is meant to serve as a matchmaking system so that artists can find a producer with whom they are likely to collaborate again. To work directly with a specific producer on another song, simply use the Invite To Work feature to get the ball rolling.

How are copyrights handled?

One of the major benefits of collaborating through itydity is that we guarantee the legal validity of our Work For Hire contract which ensures that producers will not own any copyrights to an artist's song after they have been paid for their work. And it is simply by using this website that all users are bound to our Work For Hire contract. For more information on this see our Terms of Service.

How is payment handled?

The payment amount for each Contest is set by the artist and before a Contest is able to move forward into phase 2, this amount must be handed over to itydity to keep safe for the chosen producer. This is so that we can hold onto the payment securely until the project is completed, guaranteeing that the chosen producer will get paid in full once the song is finished and all completed tracks/files have been sent to the artist.

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