How Music Lifts Lyrics off the Page

Have you ever watched a “How They Make Movies” video that demonstrates a scene before and after the musical score was added? We love this one with scenes from Spiderman.

What. A. Stunning. Difference.

Without the music, the scene falls flat. There’s walking and dancing, but it lacks action, motivation, and movement.

Music gives the scene drama. It’s the music, more than anything, that lets us know how the character feels. It lets us know that what’s coming is happy or ominous. We ride the emotion of the movie on the wave of the music.

This is true with songwriting too. Music lifts your lyrics off the page. Sets a tone, carries us on a journey.

As in movies, music takes the poetry of the lyrics to another level.

Of course, we’ve heard acapella songs that leave us speechless. Or, a simple piano piece with vocals that brings tears to our eyes.

Most often, however, there is more to indie, folk, country and pop artistry. Perhaps, we experience a swelling of violins. The mournful reediness of an accordion. The steady insistence of a bass line. Or, harmonies that dance with the melody in just the right places.

It is instrumentation, effects, overdubs, and mixing that transform a song from a bare track to a full expression of meaning.

That’s where ItyDity comes in. ItyDity is a music platform that makes it easier for songwriters to produce a fully-realized version of their songs.

Listen to the transformation of these artists through a before and after version of their songs!

What would it feel like to take your songs to the next level?

Whether you want to put that expression out into the world, or you want to listen to it in the privacy of your home, when you’re ready to produce a song, we would be honored to help.

Get started.

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