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We protect you with step-by-step pricing and make sure you're happy with your song.

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Post Your Song & Match With Producers

Post your song and get requests and feedback from vetted producers who are interested to work with you!



Money Back Guarantee

Get Producer Sketches Of Your Song

Hear what select producers can actually do with YOUR song. Listen through sketches to find a producer who "gets" you.

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Your payment goes towards the final production of your song.  ItyDity's Money Back Guarantee protects you in the unlikely event you do not like your sketches. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Finish Your Song With Your Favorite Producer

If you find a producer who gets it just right, finish the song together.

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$250 - $750

Final payment is made to complete the production of your song with your favorite producer.  Payment varies from $250-$750 depending on your producer's rate.  Your Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Your burning Song Production FAQs, answered.

  • Jason is a Rock Star producer and easy to work with!
    Jason was so easy to communicate with and he's very likeable. He listened to what I wanted and he is such a rare talent. He's an especially amazing bassist and his bass lines were an incredible addition to my song. Thank you Jason!! I'll be contacting you directly for my next project. Karen Sivilas
  • Thank you Jason! Such an amazing Experience!
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  • Fast, yet meticulous worker. Highly recommend this producer!"
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Connor Gehlert

Nashville, TN

stars (2).png
Career Highlights

I've played guitar for Laney Jones and the Spirits, produced several local Nashville artists such as Devin BX, Christine Lodder, Molly Murphy among others...



FINNEAS, Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, Dave Cobb, Bruno Mars, Maggie Rogers


Amit Sounds

Seattle, WA

stars (2).png
Career Highlights

I'm Amit, and I'm a producer, engineer, and mixer working with artists all over the world.  I specialize in working with songwriters who write authentic songs and lean towards organic instruments...



Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Adele, Dua Lipa, Cory Wong, DNCE

Irma Photo 5.jpg

Irma Seleman

London, UK

Irma Photo 5.jpg
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Career Highlights

Producer, Singer, Songwriter and Arranger. I’ve produced music for indie artists, advertisements/jingles and many more. My strength is in combining modern sounds with live instruments...



Mac Ayres, Justin Timberlake, Erykah Badu, Motown, John Mayer

Songwriter Reviews

Most recent:


Maya Bennett

stars (2).png

I felt so supported... ItyDity really cares.

Songwriter, Denver, Colorado

The producer I picked completely enhanced my song in a way I couldn't have imagined, and that's what I think is the coolest thing about this. The ityDity team is also so supportive during the whole process, so I felt really protected.

Frank Morgan

Frank Morgan

stars (2).png

Wow! This is just SO cool

Songwriter, Fort Collins, Colorado

I've looked for many years for something like ityDity, where we, as artists have an opportunity to post our songs and have them heard by producers around the world who want to work on them. That's just so cool.


Emily Sonne

stars (2).png

Feels so good to FINALLY have my music done right

Songwriter, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I've worked with producers before, but I really liked how on ityDity I got to hear my song in different ways and then pick my favorite one.

john shoemaker.jpg

John Shoemaker

stars (2).png

So many producers got a change to take interest in my music!

Songwriter, Cambridge, New York

My favorite aspect is how ItyDity reaches out and shared my music with a large number of producers so I didn't have to try to do that on my own. So many more producers got a chance to take an interest in my music, and ultimately I was able to pick one that was a great fit for me.

Songwriter reviews

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Kiana Rae

stars (2).png

I matched with a producer in L.A.

Songwriter, Nashville, Tennessee

My favorite thing about ItyDity was getting to hear my song in so many different ways. In the end, I chose a producer in L.A. and we were on the same musical wavelength. I love the way my song turned out.


Bella Musser

stars (2).png

It’s like, spot on matchmaking

Songwriter, Denver, Colorado

This reminded me of for songwriters and producers!  With ItyDity I was able to find and work with someone who I felt really understood what I was going for.


Jake Bresnig

stars (2).png

Couldn't be easier!  So smooth and simple

Songwriter, Denver, Colorado

With ItyDity, the whole experience was so smooth and simple for me, and I love how I was able to connect with so many good producers. I am really excited to have found a producer I love and to work with him again on more songs.


Michelle Roderick

stars (2).png

Made me feel more validated as a songwriter

Songwriter, Loveland, Colorado

Having my song professionally produced with ItyDity made me feel more validated as a songwriter.

Hear what's possible for your song.

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Everything you get with Step One & Step Two:

Song Blueprint™

We'll help you refine your vision and stylistic approach for your song before working with producers. What's a Song Blueprint™?

Producer connections

We'll send your phone or home recording of your song through our network of top skilled producers who match you.

Producer feedback

Producers who feel especially drawn to your song will reach out and send you a message with feedback and suggestions for the production. Expect 6-10 proposals.

Producer sketches

You'll choose your top-pick producers and receive 4 producer sketches of your song, then select the producer and sketch who you love the most.

Production Assistant™

Get up to 2 hours of expert assistance to guide your through the process and help you get the exact sound you're looking for. 

Copyright protection & songwriter security

Your copyright protection and security is built in.  Songwriters retain full copyright and ownership of your song forever and always (we've done the legal work for you!)  If you move forward with a producer you love, easily split 10% sound recording royalties.

Get Started

Join dozens of songwriters who have professionally produced their songs safely and securely with ItyDity

ItyDity lets you “try” producers before you buy

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