How to find a song producer who won’t break your heart

Updated: Apr 18

Valerie had been writing songs and performing for almost 20 years. A folk musician, she was loved in coffee shops around her community. At one point she began to think about taking her music to another level. Maybe making a recording. Selling CDs or online. So, she kept polishing her songs and she started saving money to make the dream a reality.

Val knew about a very respected producer and she wanted to work with him. After many years, she had saved $10K to do her recordings. She felt ready to go.

But in the studio, it felt wrong from the start. The producer was a perfectionist who cared a great deal about the technical aspects of the recording. Val was not an accomplished guitarist. Her style was looser, more free. Her lyrics and voice were the soul of her songs.

Take after take after take.

The producer’s perfectionism began to make Val feel defective. Her confidence was shaken. When questioned about what she wanted, she felt uncertain. She found herself agreeing with the producer.

When she received the final mastered copy, Val hated it. She was heartbroken. The recording wasn’t true to the song, her style, her voice. She couldn’t even listen to the recording. She felt as though she had wasted $10K and a lot of time. She didn’t ever let anyone listen to that recording.

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So often, songwriters enter the studio with incredible heart and hope. They feel vulnerable. They want to believe that a producer will understand and honor their style.

But producers are not one size fits all. Like musicians, producers have their own styles and musical sensibility. They have different technical skills and ways of working with artists.

ItyDity was started by a woman who had a negative first and second recording experience. So, she figured out a way to let songwriters tryout producers so that their styles match up. And she’s developed a step-by-step platform to give every songwriter a whole set of artist development tools and a real human to guide songwriters through the process.

How do songwriters feel when their songs have been produced via ItyDity?

  • Incredible.