52 Music Production Definitions for Songwriters

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or this will be your first time recording a song, it helps to know the terms and definitions that are being used in the music production process.

Use this list as a resource if you find that you are confused by what someone says.

As always, when you produce a song via ItyDity, our Songwriter Support Team is available to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Even when working with a producer off ItyDity, say when you're online searching "Producers near me" , this article will help you communicate and sound like a technology pro!


Acoustics are the characteristics, dimensions, or qualities of rooms that resolve how sounds are diffused in it.

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Treatment is sound-absorbing material used to remove everyday acoustic issues such as echo, standing waves, trapped low end, attenuated frequencies, and much more.


A device which increases the amplitude of a signal.

Ambient Audio

The background noise present in a scene or recording location.


A device which reduces the amplitude of a signal.


The range of sound frequencies which can be heard by humans.

Audio Engineering

An audio engineer is someone who works with the technical aspects of recording, manipulating, mixing, reproducing, or mastering sound.