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Contemporary Artist Seeks Fresh Production


Producer payout: $600

See full payout package details at the bottom of this page.
Kenzie Sanderford
Greeley, CO
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Project Complete

Project Details:


Cover MeKenzie Sanderford


I want to do a fusion of country and a subtle hip hop beat. In the intro I am trying to set the stage for a battle. The battle is between darkness destroying us and us holding on to hope. In the intro I would like to hear the sound of fire and then a military snare drum beat. As the 1st verse emerges I want to have the more distinguished sound of country with the guitar and my voice. I am okay with layering in a subtle hip hop beat that makes the listener unconsciously feel a heartbeat to the song. Between the verse and the chorus you can hear the guitar emphasize the notes leading into the chorus. Layering electronic strings with the notes to emphasize them would be cool. In the chorus I hear an echo to the notes for the words hold on. It's as if something like an electronic violin or strings are pleading with the listener to not give up and remember there is a purpose for the suffering. Here the snare drum again would be awesome in some capacity. The intensity is there but not full blast yet. When the bridge comes I want the hip hop beat to increase or the song to build to full power because this is the reason the person still is holding on. After the bridge something that would set this song apart would be an instrumental electronic violin over the other layered sounds or something creative that catches the listeners ear before settling back into the softer verse 3 . When the verses come I want it to fade back to a more country feel and highlight the voice. At the very end I want it to end softly maybe through a piano piece. I am willing to work hard with you and answer your questions. Whatever effort you give I will give back! 

Example hip hop beat
Example unique element maybe after the bridge leading into the third verse 
Example military snare drum


What I specifically love about the song is his ability first, with the lyrics, to come out bare. He isn't fake. He doesn't say what he thinks other people want to hear. He is real and lets you see his pain. This I believe resonates with listeners and goes to a deeper and more meaningful level. Musically, he pairs his message powerfully through the use of held out notes on the piano that are almost eerie and seem to a strike a chord inside of the listener. I like the use of the snare drum to highlight this feeling of intensity and in my song I want that intensity and realness but also the feeling that we are in a battle and need to keep fighting. In my song I want more resolve at the end because the lyrics do resolve in my story. There is also a piece where he subtly uses the strings to build. If there is a place you feel appropriate for this that would be so cool to add in.

What stands out to me about this song is this guy has a country voice. I believe my voice is similar in the way that I can not escape having a country sound to some degree. What stuck out to me about this song is it had a heartbeat with the base. I do not like the intro and do not want my intro to sound like classic country intros. 


my virtual recording studio for this song:

scenes from a music video for this song:

colors that represent this song:

PAYOUT package:


This Payout Package Includes:

The selected producer will receive $600 upon completion of the song. Additionally, if, and only if, the song goes on to reach "commercial success" (defined as generating more than $10k) then the selected producer will also be eligible to begin receiving 3% of the sound recording royalties from the song. For more on this see clause 2.2-2.3 of our terms of service. 


All projects require that the selected producer is responsible to provide any additional instrumentation to the song as requested by the artist, either themselves or by contracting out a 3rd party to do so at no additional cost to the artist.

All projects also require that the selected producer is responsible to perform the tasks of mixing and mastering as part of a whole and complete production job and each selected producer in a project is held responsible to mix and master the song to radio quality standards as part of the production. See more details here.

Upon completion of the song, expected deliverables to the artist from the selected producer include a mastered mix, unmastered mix, TV/film mix (lowered vocals), and an instrumental mix. Individual elements/tracks may also be requested. See more details here.

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