How to Find the Right Music Producer for Your Song

As she advanced in her songwriting career, Gabrielle said, “At some point, I realized how important production is. The song, of course, is important. But the production is the vibe.”

Gabrielle went on to say, “It’s important that we (the producer and I) see the vision together, because when we don’t, there will be disappointment.”

She’s right.

It can be disappointing to invest your time and money in a project that falls flat.

How do you find the right music producer?

In the past, you Googled “producers near me” or you searched producers through an online directory. You crossed your fingers and took a chance.

ItyDity has created a new way to match songwriters with producers.

It’s kind of like matchmaking.

You post a smart-phone recording of your song on the platform.

Producers from around the world listen.

Those who like your song reach out (kind of like a swiping right!)

Then, select producers create a rough draft sketch of your song so you can hear their style and vibe.

You choose your favorite to move forward with.

Let’s look at this process from the producer’s perspective.

You post your song. Producers listen to it. They say:

I believe in myself

I believe in this song

I think I can take this song to a higher level.

The producer CHOOSES YOU because they hear something in your song that resonates for them.

If you select that producer to create a “rough-draft sketch” of your song, they have the opportunity to DEMONSTRATE to you that they are the right producer-partner.

Listen: to the variety of rough-draft sketches in this Artist Transformation

From the selection of rough-draft sketches, you select one producer to move forward with -- because they have shown you that their vibe and the vision are on the right track.

ItyDity takes the risk out of finding a music producer.

And, you can feel safe about the producers on the platform because ItyDity has vetted individual producers for not just for quality, but also for character by implementing:

  • a multi-interview and due diligence process of producers

  • a dedicated project manager assigned to monitor each project and check in with both artist and producer throughout the collaboration process

  • a claims portal where real time reports can be made by artists if they feel they are not being treated respectfully. ItyDity works on artist's behalf to resolve the issue a review and rating system to hold producer's accountable, and ensure their ongoing integrity.

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